“Ikebana” is the Japanese art of floral arrangement. Students will have a chance to learn it from professional florists, through the Artworks program.
BIG RAPIDS — Artworks is introducing a new workshop to its lineup this year.
“Ikebana” or the Japanese art of flower arrangement is going to be taught at a workshop 7-9 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 21. The class is $50. All materials and tools are provided.
The class is taught by florist Bob Patterson, owner of Patterson’s Flowers, who has been a longtime collaborator with Artworks.
“Since the beginning, I was one of the volunteers that helped get things going at Artworks and was happy to support it throughout the years in different ways,” Patterson said.
Patterson loves doing hands-on classes because it allows him to show students that floral design can be done by anyone, not just those with specialized skills.
“It’s really neat and fun to see people enjoy doing the hands-on projects,” Patterson said.
This is the first year that Artworks has done this workshop on Japanese floral design, and it has brought in a guest instructor, Cindy Ching, from the Michigan Floral Association, to assist with teaching.
“When Roxanne Cullen approached me about doing a class, it was very intriguing,” Patterson said.
The principles of Japanese floral design are somewhat similar to typical floral designs, with space, symmetry and balance at the center of it. However, Japanese floral design has three main points that symbolize the sky, earth, and man, which is “something more unique” according to Patterson.
“We’re excited about it. It’ll be something fun and different,” he said.
Visit artworksinbigrapids.org for a full list of specialty workshops and classes going on this year.


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