21.26 13 Sep 2022
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21.26 13 Sep 2022
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Members of An Garda Síochána will soon be learning Japanese martial art. 
On a public procurement website, the Gardaí have advertised for someone who can train them in Taiho Jutsu.
It is common in Japan for police to be trained in Taiho Jutsu and Scott Langley of Hombu Dojo Karate International says Gardaí should find it useful while dealing with troublemakers: 
“You’re trying to increase physical strength, flexibility and general body awareness,” Mr Langley explained to The Hard Shoulder. 
“It will help you with a variety of situations. 
“And on top of that there’s techniques that you can use to maybe prevent an attack or certainly not be attacked yourself, not be hit. 
“And that’s going to help people protect themselves and control those who are aggressive.” 

The training could especially come in handy with people who are resisting arrest: 
“There are holds and grapples that you can use to subdue someone and make them a little bit more cooperative,” he continued. 
“If someone’s got a hold of you, you can firmly put them in a position where if they move they’re going to be in more pain. 
“So it’s much better for them to relax and calm down.” 
He believes that any Gardaí who take up the training will find the skills involved invaluable: 
“If you do a course and that’s all you ever do and you don’t actually follow it up with regular training, then it’s the last thing you’re going to do under pressure. 
“But if you learn the techniques and you’re constantly learning them and refining them until they become second nature, then that’s priceless.”
Main image: A Garda on patrol in Dublin City Centre. Image: Abaca Press / Alamy Stock Photo
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