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The Japan Food Product Overseas Promotion Center (JFOODO) is proud to announce the 3rd annual Japanese Wagyu program showcasing restaurants, chefs and butchers in NYC, LA and SF that feature Japanese Wagyu beef, as well as the many U.S.-based purveyors of this uniquely rare and special ingredient.
JFOODO is energizing the previous years’ promotional campaign to push the culinary conversation forward, as it introduces various cuts of true Japanese Wagyu beef to elevate the Japanese Wagyu experience into American culture, hearts, and homes!  
The promotion introduces coveted cuts of Japanese Wagyu that have not been widely available to American chefs and consumers before.
JFOODO is highlighting top chefs who create brand new experiences using a wide variety of Japanese Wagyu cuts, not only the already popular Striploin and Ribeye, but also Chuck Roll, Round Beef, and Brisket.
Due to the unique characteristics of Japanese Wagyu and its high quality and intricacy of marbling, these specialized cuts present distinguished, robust flavors, aromas, textures and visual aesthetics. 
Among the participants in this program are award-winning chefs Josiah Citrin from Citrin, Charcoal Venice and Dear John’s; David Shim from the popular Korean Steakhouse Cote; Derek Wilcox of Kiitsu (formerly Imari in LA); and Michele Casadei Massari of Lucciola in NYC, all of whom have been proudly serving Japanese Wagyu for years.
With a further emphasis on American steakhouses, newcomers to the campaign include Wolfgang Puck who serves Japanese Wagyu in many of his Cut by Wolfgang restaurants across the country; Mercer Street Hospitality led by NYC hospitality veteran John Macdonald, who will join the campaign with Bowery Meat Co.; and the entire STK group of steakhouses which have been featured on Forbes 100 Best Steakhouses in America list.
U.S.-based online retail outlets such as WAGYUMANMeat N’ Bone  and Pursuit Farms will offer consumers the opportunity to sample Japanese Wagyu, offering the traditional, well-known cuts along with more unique cuts like: Chuck Roll, Brisket, and Round Beef.
Some of the elements of Japanese Wagyu JFOODO hopes to educate the public about include:
For a complete list of participating restaurants, and to learn more about the rich traditions of Japanese Wagyu, please visit ONE BITE WONDER – HOUSE OF JAPANESE WAGYU (
Follow @wagyuofjapan on Instagram to see which restaurants, butchers and retail partners are offering Japanese Wagyu and their beautiful preparations. Use the official hashtag #HouseofJapaneseWagyu.
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