Are the air tickets too expensive for you to travel to Japan? Although Singapore Airlines may only reduce their airfares next year, you can first get a taste of Japan, literally, with Shopee Singapore’s Kagoshima sale.
Kagoshima prefecture is located on the southernmost tip of the Japanese archipelago, on the island of Kyushu. It is known for its quality agricultural products, such as sweet potatoes, fresh fruits and vegetables, wagyu beef, Kurobuta pork, Kampachi Amberjack fish, and Buri Yellowtail fish. Apart from being one of the largest tea producers in Japan, Kagoshima also brew the healthy Kurozu black vinegar and Shochu liquor.
You can now get these Kagoshima produce and other Japanese snacks and drinks on Shopee Singapore. Plus, snag a better deal with Shopee vouchers of up to S$20 off a minimum spend of S$100, and shop vouchers of 50 per cent off a minimum spend of S$25.
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Komasa Kozuru Kuro Imo Shochu Pack 1.8L 25%- Kirei
S$62.40 S$78 at Shopee
Nishi Shuzo Kicho Houzan 720ml – Kirei
S$62.56 S$68 at Shopee
[Direct from Japan] Organic Baby food [Made in Japan Organic] solid food
S$34.56 at Shopee
Komasa Umeshu 700ml 14% – Kirei
S$44.16 S$48 at Shopee
Komasa Black Vinegar Sake 700ml 12%
S$39.20 (was S$49)
[Direct from Japan] Jerusalem artichoke powder
S$34.22 at Shopee
Yamamoto kanpoh 100% Young Barley Grass Powder 44 packs
S$14.50 S$31 at Shopee
[Direct from Hokkaido, Japan] free shipping Calbee Jaga Pokkuru Potato Chips 10 pcks Japanese snacks Best Selling
S$21.71 S$24.97 at Shopee
[Direct from Hokkaido, Japan] POCKY Hokkaido Yubari melon flavor 15 pcs Glico limited time
S$18.11 S$21.30 at Shopee
[Direct from Hokkaido, Japan] free shipping Calbee IMOTA & MAMEJIRO Beans Flavor Chips 6pck(s) Japanese snacks cookies
S$18.53 S$21.31 at Shopee
[Direct from Hokkaido, Japan] Hokkaido Limited Honey Mini Cake 18 pcs Cheese Chocolate Flavor
S$18.31 S$24.88 at Shopee
[Direct from Hokkaido, Japan] free shipping ISHIYA Shiroi Koibito Chocolate Cookie 12/18/24/27/36/54 pcs White Chocolate Black Chocolate Japanese snacks
S$21.93 S$25.79 at Shopee
AGF BLACK BOX | Coffee Assortment Blend, Roasting Assortment – 50 Sticks (Made in Japan)
S$29.62 at Shopee
[Direct from Hokkaido, Japan] free shipping ROKKATEI Marusei Butter Sand Hokkaido (5/10/20 Pcs/Box) Butter Cookie Japanese Sweets
S$26.99 S$30.66 at Shopee
[12 Pcs] Japanese Sweet buns (Manju) Hakata Gyokuro Manju, Japanese excellent sweets, Gift [Direct from Japan]
S$56.55 S$87 at Shopee
Two days after four students were found dead in an off-campus home, no arrests have been made and no suspects named. So why are authorities insisting there is no danger to the community? <strong>Rachel Sharp </strong>reports
This is for Guinness fans: A way to get a proper Guinness draught anywhere you go.
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US president says trajectory of missile suggests it was not launched by Russian forces waging war in Ukraine but will await results of investigation
Robert Griswold allegedly “targeted and groomed” a 19-year-old autistic teammate both at the Tokyo Olympics and after.
Temasek Holdings is exploring selling Advanced MedTech, multiple sources told Reuters on Monday, after the medical devices firm, fully-owned by the Singaporean state investor, received interest from suitors including buyout funds. Two investment banks have been tapped to launch a sale process for Singapore-headquartered MedTech, which could be valued at roughly $1 billion, two of the sources said. A Temasek spokesperson declined comment, while there was no immediate comment from an external spokesperson for Advanced MedTech.
Republican candidate Kari Lake lost the Arizona governor’s race to Democratic challenger Katie Hobbs on Monday
Yahoo Shopping looks into some breakfast foods that you can incorporate into your meals and go from sleepy to super-charged.
If you're in the NFL playoff field at the moment, congratulations, Charles McDonald is going to rate your QB, along with some younger prospects. The NFC's top seeds might not love what they see.
Media mogul turns to ‘DeFuture’ Ron DeSantis after ex-president’s poor showing in midterm elections
The former president brushed off concerns about the GOP, saying Americans had not yet realized the “pain our nation is going through.”
The man died when the 18-wheeler passed under a freeway overpass in Houston
A male passenger was blacklisted from all Singapore Airline flights for being unruly on two separate flights, despite being warned after the first incident.
It will be stormy. One can imagine how a bitter and vengeful, twice-impeached president would go after his domestic enemies, writes Kim Sengupta
During his first term, Villanueva covered up misconduct and retaliated against those who tried to hold the sheriff's department accountable.
Around one billion young people worldwide could be at risk of hearing loss from listening to headphones or attending loud music venues, a large review of the available research estimated on Wednesday.
STORY: Commissioners from the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) presented their most recent report on the matter at the Ayotzinapa school, where they were welcomed by parents of the missing students with marigold necklaces. The report said efforts by officials to cover up what happened to the students in the southwestern city of Iguala in September 2014 appeared to be part of a "structural pattern" of abuses in Mexico, and that the country has an "international obligation to provide a satisfactory explanation" about the fate of the students.After the previous Mexican administration said they were abducted by corrupt police working with a local drug gang and murdered, President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador's government in August published new findings, calling the incident a "state crime" and pointing to army involvement. But authorities later withdrew over 20 arrest warrants that had been issued against chiefly military officials.The IACHR said despite its desire to resolve the case, the new government had failed to remove "persistent structures within the state apparatus that sought to cover up the crime.""The information that has been gathered can be used in an effective way to identify the participation of the armed forces in the events of the 26 and 27 (of September 2014),”" said IACHR commissioner Esmeralda Arosemena de Troitino. "We want to tell the Mexican State that we put the Ayotzinapa issue in the foreground, that the victims of this case deserve a response from the government. We made a road plan out of our report."
‘When we had our first kiss we had to be sitting down’
Vladimir Putin is becoming more open to the prospect of peace talks in Ukraine as he loses further ground on the battlefield, western officials said on Tuesday. Losing the southern city is a major setback for Putin. Russia had declared it the centre of the illegally annexed Kherson region after a self-styled referendum in September.


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