Latino workers say they are finding their voice in the resurgence of unionization across the U.S.
The big picture: The pandemic and tight labor market are empowering more workers to organize for better conditions across the country and within new companies, including Starbucks and Amazon.
What they’re saying: The pandemic made clear corporations’ lack of commitment to employees, with many “choosing their profits over their workers,” Beto Sanchez, an organizer with Starbucks Workers United, says.
State of play: Since the end of last year, workers have voted to unionize for the first time ever at Amazon, Apple and Chipotle.
Latinos are not just a part of unionization efforts but of wider labor movement gains as well.
Flashback: Many consider Cesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta to be the most notable Latino labor leaders, but organizing has always been part of Latino history.
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