A new Japanese restaurant is coming to Plano with a unique and authentic approach to dining. Called Tokyo Shokudo, its goal is to offer the Japanese “Teishoku” experience, said to be reminiscent of everyday dining in Tokyo.
According to a release, it’s officially opening at 4709 Parker Rd. #450 on September 15.
Teishoku, or a “set menu,” is a meal combining many small dishes assembled with rice and soup. It’s kind of the Japanese equivalent of the blue plate special, emphasizing convenience and affordability, with a comfort-food aspect.
The meal is centered around a “main” such as tonkatsu (fried pork cutlet), kara-age (fried chicken), tempura, and fried shrimp.
Many teishoku-style chains have sprung up in Japan, such as the highly rated Yoyai, which opened a location in Plano in 2017, but sadly closed during the pandemic.
At Tokyo Shokudo, the signature items include chicken karaage, ponzu oroshi pork, and beef sukiyaki, but the menu includes more than 100 classic Japanese dishes. One of the things people like about teishoku is the wide variety of side dishes, allowing you to sample many authentic Japanese dishes at once.
Other menu items include:
The bar serves beer, sake, and wine. Desserts include Japanese parfaits, and a separate menu for kids makes it family friendly.
Designed by Junko Taki, the ambiance features a minimalistic aesthetic with natural elements, evoking a warm and comforting family-friendly setting.
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