The Manga Art Rooms operated by Book Hotel Jimbocho offer anime fans a chance to decompress and escape from reality, thinking about nothing but manga.
A Japanese manga hotel encourages visitors to go full otaku by forbidding reality and experiencing "MangaBrain."
SoraNews24 reporter Masanuki Sunakoma visited the hotel located in Tokyo's Jimbocho neighborhood. The area is a well-known destination for bibliophiles due to the many used bookstores lining the streets. The hotel, known as Book Hotel Jimbocho, added two manga-themed rooms on its 12th floor on Sept. 1. The rooms, called "Manga Art Rooms," are so popular that securing a reservation is nearly impossible. Due to the difficulty of obtaining a reservation, Sunakoma had no success booking either of the manga art rooms. However, after inquiring with the hotel's staff, they allowed him to visit and photograph both rooms.
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Each room has its respective theme, with a "Black Cave" and a "White Cave" that pays homage to manga's black and white nature. The room size is 35 sq. meters, with two double beds, accommodating up to 5 people. The hotel's website describes the experience of staying in either room as falling into the deep abyss of manga, where visitors can experience blissful "MangaBrain." The blurb from their website reads:

Welcome to the world of the Manga Brain. In our hotel, "reality" is strictly forbidden. We want you to spend the entire night absorbed in the world of the works. It all starts with the room sauna "KUHAKU(blank space)" Everything interfering with your imagination will be reset here. Give your body, mind, time, and everything else. Let's go and fall in. Into the deep, deep abyss of Manga. Enter the blissful "MangaBrain" experience, where you can think of nothing but manga.
Currently, the hotel's collaboration is by the cooperation of Shueisha Shonen Jump+, with the focal point being Dandadan by Yukinobu Tatsu, published by Shueisha. Each room features art prints from Dandadan, including manga panels and sketches from the series. Guests staying in one of the manga rooms during the collaboration will receive a free bookmark and coaster of their choosing from four different designs. The Dandadan collaboration runs until Nov. 30.
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In addition to the manga-themed rooms, Book Hotel Jimbocho offers a sauna room for guests to use. Called "KUHAKU" (blank space), it serves as a place where one can decompress, slip away from reality, and reset their imagination before fully appreciating all the art rooms offer.
If a visit to Book Hotel Jimbocho isn't in the cards for the near future, you can always relax at home and fill the manga void in your heart by reading on Shueisha's Manga Plus app.
Source: Manga Art Hotel, via SoraNews24
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