Everything you need to know about Japan’s new requirements for tourists and residents
Covid-19 restrictions are ever-changing and it can be hard to keep track of new information on Japan’s border restrictions. To bring you up to speed on the latest rule changes, we’ve answered some of the most common questions regarding Japan’s current border restrictions. 
The following information is based on the government’s recent decision to ease border restrictions, effective September 2022. 
On September 7, Japan expanded the scope of travellers who were eligible for a tourist visa. Previously, the country was only open to tourists travelling from the countries and regions listed under the ‘blue’ category, but Japan no longer limits where people can travel from.

While tourists are no longer required to enter Japan as part of a guided tour, they must still book their trip through a travel agency that they can contact if they are infected with Covid-19 during their stay. 
Certain arrangements such as flight tickets and accommodation must be made through a travel agency. So those who prefer to backpack or keep their travel itinerary loose still have to wait a while before planning their visit. 
If you want to come to Japan as an independent traveller with your own arrangements, bear with us! We’ll let you know when the government plans to scrap the current restrictions.
Note: foreign nationals who wish to enter Japan for the purpose of attending a wedding, visiting a family member or other similar reasons may qualify as having ‘exceptional circumstances’, which could allow them to enter Japan without going through a travel agency. See the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website for more information.  
Those who are fully vaccinated (including a Covid-19 booster shot) are no longer required to get a pre-departure PCR test. 
Travellers coming from a ‘blue’ country or region are also exempt from testing upon arrival. However, those who have not received a Covid-19 booster shot and are travelling from a ‘yellow’ country or region may be subjected to a PCR test after landing. 
Countries and regions listed in the blue category include the UK, USA, Australia, Canada, China, Hong Kong, South Korea, France and Italy. You’ll find the full list of designated countries and regions here.
Travellers arriving from countries listed under the blue category are not required to self-isolate after entering Japan, regardless of their vaccination status. Fully vaccinated travellers coming from a country or region listed under the yellow category are also exempt from quarantine.
If, however, you are travelling from a yellow country and have not received three doses of a Covid-19 vaccine, you may be subject to five days of self-isolation (three days if you take a voluntary test on the third day and the result is negative). 

Here is what you’ll need to enter Japan in addition to a visa: 
You may expedite some airport arrival procedures via Fast Track (see our guide here).

Still unsure of what entry procedures may look like for you? You can select your nationality and vaccination status on the MHLW website to check which border measures apply to you. 
As of September 7, arrivals are now capped at 50,000 people per day. 
While the Japanese government is still urging people to take precautions, such as avoiding crowded places, face masks are no longer recommended outdoors as long as people are able to maintain a safe distance from others. 
This article was originally published on February 25 and updated on September 8. Check the Mofa website for the latest updates.
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