On November 11, international artists YOSHIKI, SUGIZO, HYDE, and MIYAVI gathered to announce the formation of a superband called THE LAST ROCKSTARS. The band debuts next year with live shows in Tokyo, New York, and Los Angeles.
THE LAST ROCKSTARS consists of drummer YOSHIKI (X Japan), guitarists SUGIZO (Luna Sea, X Japan) and MIYAVI, and vocalist HYDE (L’arc-en-ciel, VAMPS). With their illustrious experience in Japan’s most influential rock bands, remarkable sales records individually, and hit collaborations with global artists, these four musicians coming together is a monumental occurrence. THE LAST ROCKSTARS are here to usher in a new legendary era of rock.
“We’re here to rock the world with the four of us,” MIYAVI said, “We’re going to conquer the world”.
From left to right: Guitarist MIYAVI, drummer YOSHIKI, vocalist HYDE, and guitarist SUGIZO.
During the press conference, THE LAST ROCKSTARS premiered two songs and a music video teaser. Songs included The Last Rockstars, composed by YOSHIKI, and Psycho Love composed by YOSHIKI with lyrics by HYDE. Songs composed by MIYAVI and SUGIZO are also on the way.
When asked when a debut album can be expected, SUGIZO said to expect it sometime this year. “We have to finish it this year”, he added, “Because we start touring next year!”.
As far as sound, each member brings a unique element to the table. “Rather than having four people who are simply musicians, our members are all each their own genre”, YOSHIKI said. He continued to praise his bandmates, citing MIYAVI and SUGIZO’s distinctive guitar styles, and HYDE’s powerful voice that ranges from low screams to high falsetto.
“The most important thing is innovation and evolution,” SUGIZO added, “Rock is not just a genre, it is a philosophy”.
Tickets for THE LAST ROCKSTARS’ debut shows are now on presale for fan club members of each artist. In the US, tickets for Los Angeles and New York start on November 11 at 10:00 (EST).

Writer and parent, Erica has loved Jrock for longer than they can remember. While not writing or chasing after toddlers, they DJ and collect records.
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