The event, which was first held in 2003, aims to honour ties between Vietnam and Japan and promote bilateral cooperation in multiple fields, particularly culture. This year’s edition is part among a series of activities within the framework of Visit Vietnam Year – Quang Nam 2022.
The three-day event includes many special activities, including the opening ceremony of the Japanese culture gallery, the re-enacting of the wedding of Princess Ngoc Hoa (called Princess Anio by Japanese) and Araki Sotaro, a merchant from Nagasaki, Japan.
A book on Chua Cau (Bridge Pagoda) – the symbol of Hoi An – is expected to be introduced.
Visitors can watch performances of cosplay, calligraphy and paintings, and participate in tours around Hoi An.
A showcase of Japanese manga, and a farmers’ market featuring Japanese and local food will be set up as well.
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