Gilbert Ekugbe
The Japanese government has announced plans to increase its trade relationship with Nigeria, noting that there are so many investment opportunities for both countries to explore in the coming years.
The Trade Commissioner and Managing Director, JETRO Lagos, Taninami Takuma, stated this on the sidelines of the just concluded Lagos International Trade Fair organised by the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI).
The Trade Commissioner however stated that the Japan pavilion attracted increase in businesses by the exhibitors as the number of visitors it received during the fair was over 20,000 people.
He added that within the duration of the event, the pavilion attracted over 23,000 visitors from various products, services, and technologies exhibited by the exhibitors, whilst over 1,000 Business 2 Business (B2B) discussions were recorded with the 10 days event. 
He pointed out that JETRO held stage events where six companies promoted their products in front of the audience. 
“For instance, Choya Umecshu Co Limited, the biggest producer of plum wine in Japan held a presentation and tasting event jointly with Mrs. Hidemi Obiorah, CEO of Hidemi Consulting. The sweet and sour taste of their plum wine attracted numerous Nigerian. Also, Mrs. Hidemi demonstrated one Japanese cultural dance, Tanko-bushi and at last visitors and staffs altogether danced in a round circle,” he added.
According to him, on JETRO’s survey, during the trade fair, there were over 1,000 B2B discussions recorded, noting that over 100 business contracts were concluded, while over 300 prospective contracts were recorded at B2B matchings during the period.
“In the pavilion, Alteco Inc, Japanese super glue manufacturer distributed their products to the visitors “Cooling Patch” as a testing sample. Cooling Patch works for people who have fever when they place it on their foreheads. Visitors were enjoying themselves, feeling cool and looking around inside the pavilion,” he said.
Taninami describes this year’s exhibition as successful and enough to attract visitors and expressed his optimism to bring more Japanese brands for the upcoming trade show in 2023. 
He also noted that JETRO will keep promoting and introducing African greatest market to Japanese companies and expressed his appreciations to the LCCI, all the visitors to the Japan pavilion.
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